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Aggressive minimalism and the value of 2 minutes

I got some inspiration this morning from one of my favourite entrepreneurs and people to follow, Tim Ferriss. For those of you who don’t know, Tim is a productivity powerhouse. His successes are many but his main story is how he changed his life from working 80 hours a week and being completely burned out to traveling the world, blogging whenever he wants, investing in whatever start-ups take his fancy, and becoming a New York Times best selling author.

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Pencil and paper

Henri Matisse was an amazing artist.

He could create emotional pieces of art with nothing more than a pencil and a bit of paper. Some of his well-renowned work is no bigger than a post-it note, and contains no more than ten or twelve strokes.

To make great art, maybe sometimes all we need to do is grab a pencil and a scrap of paper — and draw.

image: Henri Matisse, Study of a Model, 1934