Professionalism is overrated

What does professionalism do for us other than slow things down and get in the way of genuine interactions?

We hold things back from others, dress differently, and downright lie in the name of “maintaining professionalism”, and yet there is no advantage of doing so.

Would you trust your accountant any less if he wore shorts and thongs and declared a love for 80s hair metal? Probably not… as long as you knew he had the chops.

In fact, knowing these quirks would bring you closer to him, realising that he is human and has human qualities like passion, care, and a willingness to do good.

The new way of doing business will see a decline in traditional professionalism and an increase in the genuine traits we already value in social relationships.

One thought on “Professionalism is overrated

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    Andrea - July 14, 2014

    Agree with you entirely. This façade of plastic behavior that stifles any creativity or authenticity in the workplace cannot go away soon enough for me. Cheers – Andrea

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