Friday linkz – 6 March 2015

Here’s what’s I’ve been reading this week.

Have a pick through and go into the weekend better informed!

Instagram introduces carousel ads for brands
For anyone who has struggled to make Instagram’s current ad unit (effectively a static MREC) relevant to users, the introduction of a carousel and hyperlinking capabilities are a welcome update.

Twitter CFO says a Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not
With all the talk about the decline of Facebook organic reach, let’s not forget that Twitter basically confirmed late last year that they’ll be implementing a similar style of news feed algorithm.

Dead people no longer add to your Facebook Page’s like count
Thousands of company Facebook pages will likely see a small dip in their Like counts as Facebook announces they’ll be removing Likes that have been contributed by deactivated and memorialised accounts.

HTTP/2 coming to browsers within weeks
A pretty tech-heavy article but one that affects the entire internet. Essentially (and bear in mind this is my own analogy), if HTTP was a single lane ‘data’ highway, faster cars needed to wait behind slower trucks as they travelled to their destination. HTTP/2 is like a multi-lane highway, with dedicated bus lanes and fast lanes. In simpler terms, the shift to HTTP/2 will make Buzzfeed load faster. Yay!

The inventor or Keurig coffee pods regrets inventing them
A pretty damning analysis of the non-recyclable, non-biodegradable product used by almost 1 in 3 American households.

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