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There are a few ways to get in touch depending on how much you want to say and how fast you’d like a response. I’m generally happy talking about pretty much any topic, I’m open to most questions and I’m always interested in other people’s passions, so whether you’ve got a specific question or just want to tell me about something going on in your life, get in touch via one of the below links.

For anything short and sharp, just tweet me @chrispahor. This is where I put most of my bite-sized content and links to interesting stuff. Basically anything that goes out on my other networks also gets tweeted here so I publish content and check my updates fairly regularly.

If you want to get a bit more in-depth, head to my Google+ page and message me there. G+ is where I get a bit more involved with things and tend to post more lengthy thoughts and discussions about whatever’s on my mind.

Or if you want to pour your heart out and prefer something a little more private, email me using the contact form below.

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