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Ellen Instagrams a photo of her periscoping herself.

Periscope and Meerkat — looking beyond the hype

I recently wrote an article for the Publicis Australia blog about the break-out live video streaming apps that seem to have dominated tech news since SXSW.

As someone who works in digital marketing it’s easy to suffer from the whiplash that comes with constantly being distracted by the “latest big thing”, so I usually take a laissiez faire (or maybe just lazy) approach when apps like these explode on to the scene. My general rule is that I won’t spend too much time thinking about brand level applications for these new social networks until I hear someone talking about it at a family BBQ, or a friend mentions it at the pub. At least then I know it’s achieved some sort of critical mass of relevance with a market outside of the tech bubble. Venture capitalists may take a different approach, but that’s the luxury of being in consumer marketing I guess!

I wanted to write a hype-free and give marketing managers a clear lens that they can use to determine whether they should be using live streaming apps for their brands. The reality is that most companies won’t be able to resource the extra content creation let alone manage the added risk that comes with this style of ‘live feed’ video, so their communication efforts are better used elsewhere.

The article also got picked up by AdNews who agreed to publish it as an opinion article, which is an awesome opportunity.

Have a read here and let me know your thoughts!