Be a minority of one

Being an “individual” has become so naff that it’s almost lost its true meaning, If everyone’s an individual, then I’m just another one of them right? Hipsters — a subculture of people who strive to be different in every way, yet are bound together by this very objective — are a case in point.

Instead everyone should rejoice in becoming a minority of one, someone so fantastically unique that nobody else in the world can fit into the same category. Someone who can’t be marketed to, or would never be chosen for a focus group because they just don’t adhere to a pre-defined group.


This is hard to do because we live in a world that uses categories to make things easier. If you voted for the Australian Labor Party (left-leaning) you’re expected to support a carbon tax and dislike the War on Terror. If you work as a concreter you wouldn’t be caught dead reading Salinger in your lunch break.

These are the categories we place upon ourselves and others every day, and it’s sometimes hard to have the confidence to break out of them. What if I’m a lawyer who fights in MMA competitions, or a truck driver with a love of early 20th Century French Cinema? There are no categories for these people, so where do they fit in?

They fit right here in 2012, and they hang out on forums, online shops, and group sharing sites like Soundcloud, Reddit and Deviant Art.

This year you can be all of the fantastic things that make you a monitory of one, and damn anyone who tries to stop you. They want you to stay inside the pigeon holes that have been built in the past, but don’t listen to them. Be a minority of one, do what you want, embrace your quirks, there’s never been a better time.

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    Joe Millward - January 11, 2012

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