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I wonder how all of the babies of today will feel when they get older and realise their whole childhood has been documented on social media.

Most people my age are wary of showing their baby photos to others… imagine all your parents’ friends telling you, having already seen your photo album, that “you were so cute in your little bumble bee suit!”.

Are we doing children a disservice by publishing their photos to all our friends without their consent, or will online identity be so widely accepted by the next generation of kids that they simply take is as part of the heavily documented world we live in?

Or, will the current trend of locking down our online social identities continue, and could this cause big problems for parents as their children get older?

It’s easy to think if social media’s immediate effect (“I’m having a great time at this party, let’s document this moment!”), but harder to think long term (“when Facebook becomes a public company, or goes bust, who will own this photo of my daughter wearing a rabbit suit?”).

It’ll be interesting to see the effect our relaxed social sharing attitude has on future generations. My prediction is a huge shift towards online privacy and an increased demand for transparency from organisations like Facebook and Google.

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    Joe Millward - January 29, 2012

    Interesting post, it will be fascinating to see the attitudes of the children on the new media age as they begin to take control of their own digital identities.I think children raised post digital revolution will be much more open to their lives being documented from the cradle to the grave and overall cultural values around perceived privacy will begin to shift.If everyone is in the same boat, will we all paddle the same way?

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